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Our Product

Collins Compost is a premium quality soil amendment made from a blend of fully composted leaves and cow manure.

Our finished compost

Rich in organic matter, slow-release nutrients, and beneficial microbes, our compost is the perfect soil builder for a variety of applications including residential gardens and lawns, sports fields, commercial landscapes, and many types of field crops.

To obtain the highest quality product for our farm and our customers, our compost is approved for use in organic production.  Learn more.

See our page on Ways to Use Collins Compost for recommended applications of our product.

How Our Compost is Made

Turning compost pilesThe process begins every autumn with the arrival of thousands of cubic yards of leaves. Cow manure from the farm is added to the large leaf piles, which are then turned regularly to facilitate the breakdown of the raw ingredients into compost. After the compost piles are aged to remove any remaining manure odor, the compost is then lab-tested for pH, organic matter, and nutrient levels. The process is complete after the compost is screened to approximately " and either bagged or made available for bulk distribution.

The Benefits of Collins Compost

From healthy plants to a healthy environment, Collins Compost provides many benefits to your landscape, including:

   -  Improved plant and root growth
   -  Prolonged release of nutrients to your soil
   -  Improved soil porosity and aeration
   -  Increased disease resistance
   -  Improved water holding capacity
   -  Increased number of beneficial microbes

   -  Improved and stabilized soil pH
   -  Increased soil organic matter

   -  Improved resistance to wind and water erosion
   -  Reduced need for toxic fertilizers
   -  Improved soil structure
-  Produced locally from local ingredients

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